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Washington Economic Development Association - The Voice of Economic Development
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This is a list of WEDA members who are consultants in the field of economic development. The list is diverse and you can get more information on the type of work each individual does by clicking on their listing.

Company NameCityCompany InfoContact
HeyCats! Web Solutions, Inc. Spokane At HeyCats! Web Solutions, Inc. we design and develop practical web-based solutions that inspire, motivate and educate. Carol Bjork
The Frause Consulting Group Seattle Frause is a full spectrum communications firm. We specialize in delivering communication that works. Through a variety of disciplines, from public relations and marketing to research and design, we help our clients deliver clear, concise and effective information that improves the bottom line. We specialize in key industries: natural environment, economic development, community development, tourism and hospitality, A/E/C, real estate, clean technology and consumer/retail. Krista Hildebrand
TIP Strategies Seattle Established in 1995, TIP Strategies, Inc., has worked with communities throughout the country to develop innovative, publicly supported economic development strategies. Our team members have experience with a variety of clients across the United States and internationally. Jeff Marcell